Michel de Kort Vocal Training

3-Zones Voice Model©

3-Zones Voice Therapy©: Therapy&training according the 3-Zones Voice model©

3-Zones Voice Therapy© is a supra glottal approach of voice problems: most voice problems are the result of a restriction/constriction of the space in mouth&throath; 'voice energy' feels and sounds 'in the throath', resulting in a number of complaints, both with voice (vocal) and without voice (non-vocal). 

Important features of constriction of the space in mouth&throath are a raised volume and a floppy articulation, often combined with a tame and nasal sound, a higher speech tempo and a projecting neck. Often there is also a problem in posture, for example pain in the back, shoulders, neck or head. Often accents or intonation are realised by a forward movement of the neck. Sometimes there are breathing problems.


Grip op je stem: therapie&training volgens het 3-Zones Stemmodel (Dutch version) is published by Acco, Leuven, 2014.